All products Premium Australian Leather
New product coming soon: Jo basic wallet and versatile cross body pouch
Craftsmanship and Comfort: Signature wide strap

Generous proportions of premium full grain Australian cow leather. Designed for your comfort it is wide at the top and narrows at each end. Fully adjustable on a slider supports even the heaviest of content.

This strap is long. Very long. 1.4 metres long on each side. The outcome is a comfortable cross body bag for all body shapes.

With the wide strap this bag stays on your shoulder without sliding off. Double the strap up and it can be worn high as well.

An understated and timeless style

We are passionate about bringing to you the highest quality, individually handcrafted products. The Jude Petite also features the wide strap so generous in the amount of leather used. Australian premium leather. These bags are made for comfort, are extremely light weight and designed to stand the test of time.

Leather wallet with attachable strap

Our convertible wallet again showcases our premium Australian full grain cow leather. Designed as a wallet to fit in your bag. The outside pocket is sized for your passport or to place your keys. Inside is a pocket for your mobile phone and a purse which can be taken out and used by itself. For those occassions you don't want to use your cross body bag, just add the strap and your wallet converts to a minimalist bag.

Jo expanded wallet

Designed with a pocket to store your glasses. Even two pairs if needed.