My story.

Ripple and Co Founder Jane Rogers

I came to bag design by accident.  I am passionate about design in general.  Creating spaces which are practical, flow and visually appealing. I love objects, homewares, textures that are visually appealing.  

The accidental journey into bags and accessories became a passion.  I couldn't find a bag that worked for me.  I bought bags that looked good and discovered they weren't comfortable.  Often the leather created a bag that was heavy.  The strap was always an issue.  Too thin, too short to wear cross body.  Visually unappealing.  I couldn't find objects in my bag and that was a huge source of frustration.

I became quite obsessed to  find a solution.  I started designing the perfect bag for me.  I only wanted one bag.  I wanted a bag that was lightweight and comfortable.  It had to be stylish, timeless and a "go to" for whatever my day evolved into.  I travelled a lot.  It needed to be practical. I wanted to find things in my bag at my fingertips by touch.

It has been quite a journey.  Sometimes in my travels I had occasions when I didn't want a big bag.  Going out to dinner, theatre, a quick trip to the shops or out for an occasion.  That's when I started designing the convertible wallet.  Always with me in my bag and with the strap attached an item by itself.

I rarely take the strap off.  I just wrap it around the wallet and in my bag it goes.

My age is part of the story.  I have started a business  at an age where my friends are talking retirement.  I hope to inspire other women this is possible.  It's about taking one action and moving forward.  Creating a ripple. I took that step into a world of design in which I had no previous experience.   I am passionate about inspiring other women this is possible.

My motto is if I can.... you can.... we can.  I love creating a community of connection.